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Sonata Watches - Class Apart

Sonata watches were launched in 1996 under the banner of Titan but emerged as a separate brand in 2002. Claiming to be India's largest selling watch brand in India, it earned immense name and fame especially among the masses. Capturing the aspirations and catering to the imaginations of the youth, the brand is simply an innovation to the conventional styles of mass oriented watches.

Timepiece for an Eternity

Premium quality: The gadget is made with superior quality material, which is great for all types of endeavors. Made with super fiber, the products are crafted with material like rubber, stainless steel etc. to keep them durable and sturdy.

Imaginative designs: A choice of almost 600 designs for both men and women is available to choose from. Suiting the tastes of sports enthusiasts as well as fashion savvy contemporary women, the designs are unique catering to the taste buds of non-conformist individuals as well.

World-class features: Watches are bestowed with world class features to make them more attractive than ever. Water resistance, digital watches, chronograph or analogue designs etc. are few features of watches.

Fashion that's Light on Pocket too

One of the most enticing features of Sonata watches is their affordability. The products are cheap and easily affordable. It has been bestowed with the best quality but at nominal prices. INR 599 to INR 1799, is the price range of Sonata watches. Choose your style now.