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Fossil Watches

Products in the Fossil Watches category have been rated 4.7 out of 5 based on 3 reviews. We have a great collection of 9 Fossil Watches on sale, ranging from Rs.5995 to Rs.13495


  • Fossil ES1967I Women's Watch

    Fossil ES1967I Women's Watch
     6495 (EMI : 1083)
  • Fossil ES2879I Women's Watch

    Fossil ES2879I Women's Watch
     5995 (EMI : 1000)
  • Fossil JR1397I Men's Watch

    Fossil JR1397I Men's Watch
     11995 (EMI : 2000)
  • Fossil FS4777I Men's Watch

    Fossil FS4777I Men's Watch
     9995 (EMI : 1666)
  • Fossil ES3188I Women's Watch

    Fossil ES3188I Women's Watch
     10995 (EMI : 1833)
  • Fossil CE5002 Men's Watch

    Fossil CE5002 Men's Watch
     11995 (EMI : 2000)
  • Fossil ES3217 Women's Watch

    Fossil ES3217 Women's Watch
     7995 (EMI : 1333)
  • Fossil ME1131 Men's Watch

    Fossil ME1131 Men's Watch
     14495 (EMI : 2416)
  • Fossil ME1132I Men's Watch

    Fossil ME1132I Men's Watch
     13995 (EMI : 2333)
  • Fossil ES3350 Women's Watch

    Fossil ES3350 Women's Watch
     8995 (EMI : 1500)
  • Fossil ES3412 Women's Watch

    Fossil ES3412 Women's Watch
     5795 (EMI : 966)
  • Fossil FS4864I Men's Watch

    Fossil FS4864I Men's Watch
     11995 (EMI : 2000)
  • Fossil FS4905I Men's Watch

    Fossil FS4905I Men's Watch
     8295 (EMI : 1383)
  • Fossil FS4908I Men's Watch

    Fossil FS4908I Men's Watch
     8295 (EMI : 1383)
  • Fossil ES3348I Women's Watch

    Fossil ES3348I Women's Watch
     7495 (EMI : 1250)
  • Fossil AM4515I Men's Watch

    Fossil AM4515I Men's Watch
     8995 (EMI : 1500)
  • Fossil JR1458I Men's Watch

    Fossil JR1458I Men's Watch
     9995 (EMI : 1666)
  • Fossil ES3460I Women's Watch

    Fossil ES3460I Women's Watch
     8995 (EMI : 1500)
  • Fossil CE1002I Women's Watch

    Fossil CE1002I Women's Watch
     13495 (EMI : 2250)
Recent Customer Reviews on Fossil Watches Products
Although I have a couple of timepieces of this brand but this time I was looking for a... Read More
Rishi_Kanpur (09 Nov,2013)
Exciting gift
I was looking for a watch to gift it to my fiance on his birthday. He is very fond of... Read More
Ritika_Bengaluru (09 Nov,2013)
Trendy Watch
The design of this watch is quite attractive and trendy. This made me to buy the product.... Read More
Hemant_Lucknow (09 Nov,2013)
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Keep Up With The Times With Fossil Watches

Fossil Inc. is an American designer brand, which dates back to 1984. Clothes and jewelry were the USP of the brand intially; gradually the brand also ventured into collectibles like watches and accessories. The company claims to be committed to creativity and deliver best designs that can be spotted in all its products. Fossil watches have been a foremost choice for offbeat and trendy men and women since forever.

Fossil Watches - Simply The Best

  • Unparalleled designs: Aesthetic and vintage inspired watches by Fossil, are great to own and adore. All products are dipped in fashion and are crafted to be in line with the challenging requirements of the current lifestyle.
  • A design for every mood: Serving your everyday demands, Fossil consists of high end watches for both formal and party occasions.
  • For the fashion-conscious generation: Being a global retailer, Fossil makes sure that the brand is a true reflection of the contemporary society and ongoing trends.

Be A Trend Setter With Fossil Watches

Buy fossil watches online at the ease and comfort of your home. offers a wide variety of Fossil watches for both gents and ladies at reduced prices. The range falls between INR 4995 and INR 15,495. Own watches from the brand and be in line with the current fashion trend.